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La Palma is one of the seven islands that make up the Canary Islands, and one of the least well known. The Spanish refer to La Palma as 'La Isla Bonita' (the beautiful island) and it's not hard to understand why. Designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, La Palma boasts stunning scenery that you won't find on other Canary Islands, like La Caldera de Taburiente and the water tunnels at Marcos y Corderos. Thankfully unspoilt by tourism, La Palma feels like an island stuck in a time warp when compared with its brash neighbours.

Direct flights to La Palma are few and far between. For most of the year there are only two flights a week from the UK, one from Gatwick, one from Manchester, helping to ensure the island remains unaffected by mass tourism. If you're lucky enough to get a ticket, you'll find yourself sharing your flight with avid stargazers (La Palma is one of the best places in the world for astronomers), hiking and trekking fanatics, mountain bikers and scuba divers. The majority of people who visit La Palma go there to enjoy the scenery, to take advantage of the 1,000km of cycle and trekking paths that run across this volcanic island, to remind themselves that there are still stars in the skies and to enjoy the uniquely Canarian lifestyle that La Palma boasts. Yes, there are beaches too.

From the National Park at La Caldera de Taburiente, through forests and down to the coastline, on foot, on bike or even in a car, La Palma's spectacular scenery never fails to impress.
Los Tilos, declared a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, is one of the world's last laurisilva forests, a dense forest full of the broad-leaved trees that covered the planet millions of years ago.

You can't visit La Palma without touring the magnificent 8km wide Caldera de Taburiente and its National Park, La Palma's most magnificent attraction.
Largely untouched by tourism, La Palma's black volcanic sandy beaches and natural, unspoilt coastlines offer amazing views for visitors willing to go out and about.